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Azure Application Security Group
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What is Azure Application Security Group?

Application Security Groups (ASGs) offer the opportunity to group VMs logically. Thus, they eliminate the difficulty of referencing private IP addresses or subnets to regulate the inbound and/or outbound rules ...

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Microsoft Azure Schedule Start – Stop

One of the most important issues to consider when managing Azure resources is cost management. When the Azure usage report is generated, virtual machines will probably be the costliest resources. Automatically ...

Building a Backend Web API with Azure Functions
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Building a Backend Web API with Azure Functions

Today, applications need a back-end component to save data to a database, create logical flows, and many other situations. These components can be created using many different technologies. In this article, we ...

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Azure Data Box

What is Data Box? Microsoft azure databox cloud solution, it enables you to receive your large number of data transmissions quickly and reliably on azure. By sending a special data box storage device to you,...

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Azure Service Endpoint and Azure Private Link

In general, we access PaaS workloads on Azure via public endpoints. At this point, when we want to make security tightenings or performance improvements, there are two different services that come across; Azur...

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Express Route

What is Express Route? ExpressRoute, it allows you to expand your in-house networks to azure environments over a special connection with the help of companies such as Equinix, a connectivity provider. With E...

Azure ile Uygulama Modernizasyonu
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Data Market Has Earned the Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

Istanbul, Turkey – October, 6, 2020 – Data Market today announced it has earned the Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a solution partner’s d...

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What is Azure Privileged Identity Management?

Azure Privileged Identity Management provides you the service of controlling, checking and watching the access to the important sources at your institution. It would be helpful to talk about license requirement...

Azure VPN
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What is Azure VPN Gateway? What are the types?

Today, enterprises generally place their resources in local data centers, as well as some or all of their resources on local or global cloud providers. And when enterprises have multiple locations or have resou...

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Azure Site Recovery with Disaster Recovery Scenario

As part of the Innovation Workshop Meetings we held on Friday, September 25, our webinar, where we talk about Business Continuity in Cloud Environments with Azure Site Recovery, is now on our YouTube channel.