Is Microsoft Azure Safe?

Cloud-based services continue to increase gradually to reach a larger audience. But as in all other information-related services, both corporate and individual customers might have different questions about cloud-based systems. Being one of the most prominent brands in this service field, Microsoft Azure eliminates all ambiguity in safety with entirely comprehensive and impeccable security precautions. Here, the advanced security steps offered by Microsoft Azure service…

More Than 1 Billion Dollar Investment for Security 

The security that has become extra important in cloud-based systems eliminates all vulnerabilities with the unique R&D work provided by Microsoft. Working in compliance with physical data centres, operations and infrastructure, the security applications cover an entire process and offer a complete security service without even noticing. Additional security measures against DDoS and similar threats are provided as well. With detail insights from Azure Security Centre, you can have more comprehensive information about your cybersecurity.

Multi-layered Security Steps Supported by 3500 Cybersecurity Experts

Multi-layered build-in security audits and unique threat information provided to users, Azure protects you against potential cyberattacks while informing about existing threats. Thus, not only your cloud data are protected perfectly by the system, but also you can learn about the security risks in advance. More than 3500 cybersecurity experts are specially working to transform all of these advanced measures into reality.

Protect Your Data Proactively with More Than 90 Compatibility Offers

You can benefit from more than 90 compatibility offers valid in the US, Europe Union, India, China and in different regions around the world. On the other hand, you can benefit from more than 35 compatibility offers to address the requirements of important sectors such as finance, public sector, health, manufacturing, education and media. Since the technology giant Microsoft is in contact with numerous public and private company, regulation institution and standard institution, all new compatibility requirements are included in Azure.

No One can View Your Data due to Highest-Level Privacy Commitment

Microsoft Azure offers highly advanced properties in terms of data protection, being one of the most important stages in cybersecurity. Azure automates data protection processes to accelerate compatibility processes and decreases your costs. Any data of your organisation or your customers in the system is never used for advertisement and marketing purposes. In addition, all data is removed from the system with advanced standards and services by Microsoft when you terminate your service agreement.

Stay Away from Numerous Security Threats with AI Applications

Azure benefits from all current opportunities included AI for security. This ensures you to always have the most up-to-date and comprehensive security service. For example, Intelligent Security Graph technology analyses trillions of signals collected from various resources in real-time and protects your Microsoft Azure instantly with high strength. Also, the Security Intelligence Report guides you to inform against local and global threats.

Having managed to be among the largest technology companies around the world for years, Microsoft offers finely-tuned, user-focused security services with the most recent Azure service. These precautions which are not only limited with cloud-based Azure service of the user, can be expanded to mixed environment and business partner solutions. Thus, other services can be integrated with Azure as well.

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