Deka Boya Infrastructure Modernization

Selahattin Okumuş
Information Systems Manager

Selahattin Okumuş

Deka Boya San. Tic. A.Ş.

Founded in 1965, Deka Boya A.Ş. (our brand San Deco) has entered the chemical sector by producing interior and exterior paints and plaster. By the 90s, taking into account the horizontal growth in developed markets and the end-consumer needs that drive the paint sector, San Deco concentrated its R&D efforts on decorative paint.

With our plants in Kocaeli Dilovasi and Algeria with 11.000 square meter capacity, 100% percent domestic production and our 90 employees we are ranked first in Turkey and 10th in the world with the paint varieties that we develop and produce.


What were the problems you experienced in your organization before starting the project, the problems you were trying to solve, and the outcome you targeted at the end of the project?

“We did not want to allocate resources in On-premises environment. We wanted to meet our environment need in the most cost-effective and safe way possible.”

What were your business needs?

“We needed an environment that could provide the IIS environment and secure access.”


Can you describe the benefits of the product rather than its features?

  • We can make changes according to the incoming requests to the VM. Additionally, ports have become easy to manage with NSG. The security level on the Microsoft side seems to be good.

What are the benefits that your organization has enjoyed after the project?

  • We started to see the benefits very quickly. It has provided us with ease of use and quick access. Management has become easier. Basic level DDOS attacks were prevented.
  • We were most attracted to flexibility in the decision-making phase. Especially on our web page, we were expecting periodic loading. We feel at ease because we know we can deal with them quickly here. Our processes are now faster and we are saving energy. Sites can respond to requests more quickly.

What are the projects planned for the upcoming period?

  • We plan to move the sites on IIS to the App Service if the structure grows further. It can be made more secure by positioning the application gateway in front of the App Service.

Why did you need a project like this? What are your business needs, can you tell us briefly?

  • We have been following Cloud solutions for a long time. At the first stage, we decided to move our website to Azure. We needed a structure that can grow on the web side. We preferred it for this reason.

How was the decision process and why did you choose this solution?

  • It was a quick decision for us, so we chose Azure so we could start as soon as possible. The management’s criterion was to start the project quickly and there was no burden on the cost side.

Can you evaluate the project processes in terms of how they came about as ideas and preparation period (planning, product selection, installations, etc.)? What kind of works were performed?

  • We brought Data Market and software developers working on the project together. After identifying the requests, we decided on the appropriate solution. During the setup phase, Data Market supported us as our solution partner.

What kind of change has occurred in your existing IT infrastructure with the project? Can you tell us about the Data Market team’s contributions at this stage?

  • Data Market was a big factor in our decision to choose Azure. Data Market worked very harmoniously with both us as clients and the company that implemented our Web project. We plan to activate Backup as the second step. After that, we have an ERP project and we have started thinking about how to create it in Azure.

What were your reasons for choosing Data Market when implementing the project? Have you worked together on different projects before?

  • Data Market’s success in the industry for many years and the competence of the technical team were very effective in our decision. Reliability was the priority for us. We felt safe with Data Market.

What suggestions do you have companies that want to implement similar projects?

  • All roads lead to Cloud. So there is no escape. They can at least start with a hybrid system

Technologies Used

Microsoft Azure

We chose Microsoft Azure – Virtual Machine, Virtual Network, Network Security Group based on our needs.

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